Why Must You Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Why Must You Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

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What are Nulled Plugins and Themes?

Nulled themes and plugins are duplicated or pirated copies of premium WordPress Themes and Plugins.
In this article, we’ll be discussing why we must avoid WordPress nulled Products like nulled themes and plugins, especially when you are very serious about your site or blog.
Nulled themes and Plugins are obtained by removing or deleting the license key or other copyrighted stuff, so this is not a right method to use the theme

I’ll not suggest to anyone use nulled themes and plugins. These archive files may contain trojans or viruses.

Why Must You Avoid Nulled Themes & Plugins?

The genuine Product is genuine rather than fake or illegal. It’s not only about the WordPress Themes and Plugins but also in our real life Commodities like – while buying clothes, any household chores, etc. When you buy an item in an illegal way, you won’t be able to expect from that product. Am I right?

So There are some important reasons why we must avoid nulled WordPress Products on our Site or Blog:

  • Serious safety risk

WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins Security

WordPress themes are usually safe when you regularly update to the latest versions. Pirated WordPress themes double your site’s Security and Privacy Threats:

  1. Nulled themes and plugins can include malicious or hazarded code.
  2. Not available the latest versions.
  • Critical for SEO

WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins Bad For SEO

Pirated WordPress themes are bad for SEO. One of the top reasons that nulled themes and plugins should be avoided is that they are bad for SEO of your website or blog. Many a time, these nulled WordPress themes and plugins add spam links to your website or track your users’ information and sometimes redirect them to irrelevant websites.

Moreover, it’s not easy for us to detect these kinds of activities as these are well hidden in the code. But you know search engines are smart enough to detect these spam linking and may penalize your website by deteriorating your search ranking or in other words, de-indexing your site completely. And you will have to do all the efforts again to get good ranking.

  • Lack of Updates

WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins Lack of Updates

It’s important to keep your themes and plugins updated to the latest versions. You know very well that WordPress themes and plugins regularly release to fix bugs, add new functionalities, and other security issues. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins cannot receive those updates because these are stolen by removing its licensing code. This poses a security risk.

  • Support & Documentation

WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins Support

To use premium WordPress themes and plugins in a proper manner, some support and Documentation are required even by the WordPress Experts. Developers of these products put a lot of efforts to provide proper support and documentation to their users.
But when you use any nulled theme or plugin, then you don’t get the opportunity to ask for help from the developers. You have to handle such problems on your own. You also don’t get access to documentation and tutorials because those are only available to paid customers.

Is Terrible idea of using WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins?

WordPress Themes requires a lot of time, skill or knowledge and resource to make, Developers spend much time on the theme development, so obviously they charge a very fair price for their attractive themes. They not only provide theme but also regular customer support, tutorials, and latest updates.

And we look on the other side, Nulled WordPress themes and Plugins offer you only the Site Design, layouts in free with many drawbacks like SEO related issues, no customer support and most importantly it is against the law.

Alternate Solution

There are a lot of free themes and plugins available in wordpress.org, then I think there is no need to install the nulled Themes and Plugins from another website. Even Free Themes provides you with better functionalities with good features like as a pro.

For Contact forms, there are a lot of free Contact Form Plugins. For Making Galleries and albums there are many Gallery Plugins available on WordPress official site.

For WordPress themes, take a look at Free Responsive WordPress themes that are just as good as a premium theme.

So, don’t installed Pirated or Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins from another website. Always install the WordPress Products from the wordpress.org and another official premium sites.

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