Top 10 Bloggers in India 2019 | Top Inspirational Bloggers

Top 10 Bloggers in India 2019 | Top Inspirational Bloggers

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Many a time life brings us to a point where we start feeling that we can’t succeed. We feel broken and disappointed. It feels like the journey of our struggle will never stop and destinations will never be met. Even our hopes start leaving us. At that time all we need is just a true inspiration. There are a number of bloggers over there who are working day and night but still are not as successful as they want to become. Success is not created in a day or two rather it sometimes takes our entire life. One reason for not being successful is moving without any directions.

We bloggers many times can’t get proper guidance which makes us directionless. I am writing This post for all those bloggers who are wandering to find a place where their passion will be recognized by one and all. I am here with the success stories of these top bloggers of my nation, India

who brought their blog from nowhere to a significant position. The reason for their success is that they never let their failures to come in the way of their passion. They had faith in themselves and they never gave up.

Which are The Top 10 Bloggers in India 2019

Harsh Aggarwal


best bloggers in india Harsh Aggarwal

Harsh Aggarwal- the name attached to one of the most popular blog- shoutmeloud is none other than the genius mind behind shoutdreams. He is the perfect example of the quote ”where there is a will, there is a way”.This simple guy from Delhi is really an inspiration to all the beginners like me.

Journey as a blogger

Shoutmeloud was born from something that was started by him just as a hobby. He started blogging from the year 2008 and has put all his efforts to build an online empire which is now known as “shoutdreams”. Not everyone can have the courage to quit a job and start a risky venture. He is one of those extraordinary people who said no to that 9 to 6 job and decided to become his own boss. Once borrowed credit card to start blogging to earning millions today, he showed that no dream is big if you have true determination.


Shoutmeloud has won the best blog award 2 times (2013 & 2017) from one of the popular blogging community of India -Indiblogger. Although the love and respect he has earned from millions are more than any awards and rewards.

Sources of income ShoutMeLoud’s primary sources of income include affiliate marketing, Google Adsense,, ebooks+shoutmeloud store etc.

Net worth 26 lakh/per month (approx.)

So, if you really want to learn about blogging, ShoutMeLoud is an excellent choice.

Amit Agarwal

best bloggers in india Amit Agrawal


An ex- I.I.Tian, an engineering degree holder in Computer Science. Amit Agarwal was indeed an ideal Indian son as most of the parents in India want their son to be an I.I.Tian engineer.

But In 2004, guess what happened? Amit quit his job to follow his dreams and he became India’s first and only Professional Blogger.

 At the age of 27, Amit Agarwal grew restless. He was leading a life which almost every person working away from home lives. A techie working in Bangalore wanted to fly back to Agra to live with his family. But then what about the monthly pay cheque? As an ordinary person, he would definitely have given up his desire for the sake of money. But his genius mind was extraordinary that found an idea to start a tech blog that will help him get freelance assignments. In this way, in 2004, was born. Not even Agarwal had any idea at that time that his blog would become his full-time profession one day.


Mentioned as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution by HT and as an out-of-the-box thinker by Economics Times, Amit Agarwal has achieved almost everything that could possibly be the dream of any blogger. He has developed several popular web apps and Google Add-ons including Mail Merge for Gmail. Amit has written columns on personal technology for major publications including The Wall Street Journal India, CNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times. He is a regular speaker at technology and blogging conferences. Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional award for five years in a row (2007-2011).

Sources of Revenue

His source of revenue includes Google AdSense, the Google service that places contextual ads on blogs. The blog and Google stay his chief source of income.

Net worth around 30 lakh/per month.

Shardha Sharma

best bloggers in india Shardha Sharma


Women today are courageous enough to leave even the men behind in almost every field. Shradha Sharma is one such woman whose shine is lightening the blogging world. From working in corporate media to starting up on her own, her journey of life is truly inspiring.

I recommend This blog for such a person who thinks women is only for household work. After coming to this blog they get to know the real women power. YourStory is the perfect blog for such type of people. Shradha also shared motivational and inspirational stories about the leaders.

Journey as a blogger

Shradha started her career as a brand advisor for Times of India and then worked as an AVP in CNBC TV18. It was in 2008 while working in CNBC that the idea of Yourstory came into limelight. During that time she met many entrepreneurs who wanted a medium to highlight their stories to the world. This is how was born. She had one thing in mind that all entrepreneurs are not superstars, but they have some amazing untold stories in their life.


In 2015, she was selected in the list of 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world. On March 2015, she was awarded the ‘L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence.

Sources of Revenue Google Adsense

Net worth around 2055463 INR/ Per month.

Amit Bhawani

best bloggers in india Amit bhawani


Success comes to those who never give up even after failing a lot of times. Amit Bhiwani has shown that if you really have that zeal to achieve something in life, nothing can stop you. Despite being unsuccessful in the starting of blogger career, Amit didn’t give up and this is what makes him different.

Journey as a blogger

Amit’s online journey started in the year 2004 but it is only in the year 2007, that he started taking his blogging career seriously. At that time, neither he had any programming knowledge other than HTML nor he had extra money to invest. He gathered money from some part time online jobs to get domain and hosting. And within some time he became one of the best search engine optimizers in India and started offering SEO services to his clients all over the world.


Since 2004, the year when he started his blogging career, Amit has achieved a lot of dreams. Today he owns 3 companies namely Digital world solutions, The SEO world, and Hostbrains solution Pvt. Ltd. and offers a number of technical services around the world. He has a team working for him.

Sources of revenue Google Adsense, tribal fusion, Kontera, SEO services, other small networks.

Net worth around 16 lakh/ Month.

Kulwant Nagi

best bloggers in india kulwant Nagi


A small town boy with a zeal to do something huge in life moved to Gurgaon for further studies and that was a turning point for him. When the dreams shatter, one’s world gets shattered. But some extraordinary people like Kulwant Nagi rearrange the pieces of those shattered dreams and make them a reality. From having no money to join Rochester Institute of technology in the USA after a lot of hard work once to earning millions from blogging today, his life is really an inspiration to many.

Journey as a blogger

Bloggingcage was started by him in the year 2012 that provides help to many prospective bloggers on how to start a blog and many more blogging tips. Today Blogging Cage is a well-known blog in the blogging world and Nagi is putting all his efforts to make it a world-class blog. This blog has given him a lot of online exposure and many people in the blogosphere know him just because of this blog.


Kulwant has been featured on Huffington Post, YourStory, ProBlogger, Neil Patel and many other good blogs in the industry. Also, he is a speaker and to date, has spoken at a number of good conferences at Chitkara University, Lovely Professional University, ITM University, Payoneer, CueLinks, and BlogX.

Sources of Revenue Affiliate, SEO and many more

Net worth $10000 to $20000/ per month.

Srinivas Tamada

best bloggers in india Srinivas Tamada


An engineer by education and blogger by profession, Srinivas is the founder of 9lessons programming blog. Srinivas in one of his interview said that he is in Love with web and he learned to programme out of his curiosity. He is an inspiring entrepreneur.

Journey as a blogger

In 2009, the journey of 9lessons started. His motive behind starting this blog was to present his ideas to the world. He wanted to explain the complicated things in an easy way. His blog helped many persons across the globe to understand the technical concepts with an ease.


Srinivas has developed a web product called “wallscript” which is a social networking service built using PHP, JQuery, RESTful, Oembed, PDO and OAuth. This helps in understanding social networking concepts.

Sources of Revenue Google Adsense, Direct Advertisements, Affiliates networks, Wallscript.

Net Income $4000 to $8000/ per month.

Imran Uddin

best bloggers in india Imran Uddin


Born in a lower-middle class family of Andhra Pradesh, poverty is the only thing Imran had seen in childhood. Excellent in studies and having small dreams in eyes, he never had thought that one day he will achieve this much in life. Today he is well known for his top-class blog alltechbuzz.NET.

Journey as a blogger

The person who thought of blogging as a personal diary soon started getting recognition for his articles. When Imran got to know that blogging can be used as a medium to express oneself, he started writing what he learned to help others. And within some time, he started making a decent amount from blogging. Today he is managing 100+ other blogs and websites.


Today he owns a Pvt. Ltd company named All Tech Media which offers Web Development, Blogging and SEO related Services. He has also started organizing seminars workshop. He started a training program for newbies to help them make money online.

Sources of Revenue Google Adsense

Net Income 6 Lakh+/monthly (approx).

Arun Prabhudesai

best bloggers in india Arun Prabhu


Mr Arun Prabhudesai is an entrepreneur, blogger, internet addict and much more. He is the founder of one of most popular Business and Technology blogs in India- Arun inspires many young hearts who want to become successful bloggers.

Journey as a blogger

After being in the IT industry for 12 years across three continents, he came back to India because he wanted to start something of his own. So he started blogging and sharing the knowledge he had gained over these years. And in this way, was born in 2007. Since then, the blog has come a long way.


Times Online picked Trakin as one of the Top 10 Indian Business Blogs. Trakin was also a part of India Blogs1.0 directory of Popular and Upcoming Indian Blogs. Trakin was also featured in Times of India special report on Blogging completing 10 years

Sources of Revenue Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, blog services, ad selling, etc.

Net Income $15000/ Per month.

Raju PP

best bloggers in india Raju pp


Born and brought up in India, Raju PP is a passionate tech blogger who believes in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications. He is one of the first professional bloggers from India. Before starting his blog, Raju was working as a Technical Specialist in Infosys Technologies Ltd, a leading IT firm from India.

Journey as a blogger

Raju quit his day job to pursue his passion for blogging in late 2009 and that is how Techpp was born. Technology Personalized (Tech pp) has undergone lots of changes since its inception and has grown tremendously in the past couple of years to be what it is today. It has been featured in CHIP magazine, a popular Technology magazine in India. It has also been quoted and linked extensively on various leading technology sites like Techmeme, TechCrunch, GigaOm, CNET, Engadget, and others.


Raju was featured amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine. While the Economic Times listed him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India, the HT Brunch magazine listed him as the most influential Indian on the social media in the field of Technology. He is also the editor of Connected Arena.

Sources of Revenue Adsense, Advertisements

Net Income $3,000 to $4,000 per month.

Neil Patel

best bloggers in india Neil Patel


Neil was born in London and lived a middle-class lifestyle in childhood. Entrepreneurship was in his blood but his journey to become an entrepreneur was full of struggles. From cleaning the restrooms at Knott’s Berry Farm to selling vacuum door to door, he had done almost everything in his teenage.

Journey as a blogger

Though Neil was blogging in collaboration with others he wanted a personal blog where he could blog about everything he wanted. So in 2007, Quick Sprout was founded. This site struggled to grow for about two years which Neil attributes to a lack of consistency and choosing topics, not enough useful. But soon Quick Sprout started making gains with refocusing and extra efforts.


The Wall Street Journal calls Neil a top influencer on the web and Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the UN. He has also been awarded Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives.

Sources of Revenue Online Business and consulting.

Net Income around $30 million (estimated).

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