WordPress Best Security Plugins

WordPress Best Security Plugins

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Plugins Reviews best security plugins - WP

WordPress itself is a very secure platform. However, it helps to add some extra security and firewall to your site by using a security plugin that enforces a lot of good security practices. WordPress is the most popular and widely used blogging platform, long known to be the No. 1 content management system in use online, has reached a new milestone: It now powers 25 percent of all sites across the web.

As a result of the popularity of WordPress, hackers have taken keen interest in breaking the security of WordPress Operated Sites. In this Article, we'll be discussing best WordPress security plugins that can help reduce the risk of your website being hacked. These security plugins offer several security features to make your WordPress blog secure from known vulnerabilities.

Here is a list of some of the top security plugins that can be used to keep your WordPress site secured:

Best wordpress security plugins:

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

  1. WordFence is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins with 2 + Million Active installs and 3k + 5 Stars.
  2. Covers login security, IP blocking, security scanning, and WordPress firewall and monitoring.
  3. Make your WordPress website 50 times faster and secure.
  4. Blocks bruteforce attack and can add two factor authentication via SMS, scans your posts and comments for malicious code.
  5. Wordfence is great for beginners and pro users alike. 🙂

Plugins Reviews Best WordPress Security Plugins - Wordfence

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

  1. iThemes Security is one of the best wordpress security plugin with 9 Lakh + Active installs with 4.7/5 rating.
  2. Provides you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site.
  3. Also fixes various common security holes in your website.
  4. Prevents bruteforce attacks and ban IP addresses which try to bruteforce.
  5. Integrates Google reCAPTCHA to prevent comment spam on your website.

Plugins Reviews Best WordPress Security Plugins - Ithemes

Sucuri Security

  1. Sucuri offers a free plugin that is available in the WordPress repository with 4 Lakh + Active intstalls and 4.5/5 rating.
  2. Provides various security features like security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, and website firewall.
  3. Tracks all activity on your site.
  4. This is not only for security, it also has a very nice cache feature that keeps your site running smoothly and fast around the globe.

 Plugins Reviews Best WordPress Security Plugins - sucuri security

All In One WP Security & Firewall

  1. A Comprehensive, Easy to use, Stable and well supported WordPress Security Plugin with 6 Lakh + Active installs and 4.8/5 rating.
  2. Will take your website security to a whole new level.
  3. Easy to use and understand.
  4. Reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and technique

Plugins Reviews Best WordPress Security Plugins - All In One WP Security & Firewall



BulletProof Security

  1. BulletProof Security is another best WordPress security plugin with 90K + Active installs and 4.7/5 rating.
  2. Secure your WordPress website even further by adding additional BulletProof Security Bonus Custom Code.
  3. Adds firewall security, database security, login security and more.
  4. Also optimizes the performance of your website by adding caching.

Plugins Reviews Best WordPress Security Plugins - Bulletproof

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  1. Good job Himani.
    I also want to recommend you to try User Activity Log. It’s a free and responsive WP plugin that has strong power to monitor all users activity in your website. It offers great features like users logs, theme/plugin logs, media logs and lots more.

  2. I would like to suggest one plugin related to security which is User Blocker – WordPress Plugin. This is a free WordPress security plugin that provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly. It has several features such as block user, role based block user, customizable message, etc.

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