Best WordPress Theme For Blogging (Tips To Choose Perfect Theme)

Best WordPress Theme For Blogging (Tips To Choose Perfect Theme)

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Howdy! WordPress newbies seem to be confused when it comes to choosing a theme for their first WordPress Blog or site. There are thousands of free and Premium Themes are available on and other sites like ThemeForest, AThemeShop etc.

Best WordPress Theme For Blogging:

Your site appearance entirely depends on the theme you activated on your site. Choosing the best and perfect theme for a WordPress site or blog is a challenging task and obvious important!

While choosing a theme:


  • List the features of the Theme that you want.
  • Choose the responsive theme.
  • Supports Multilinguality.
  • Decide colors in mind.
  • Choose SEO-Friendly Theme.
  • Choose Lightweight Theme like Astra and OceanWP.


  • Don’t choose a bloated theme.
  • Don’t choose such themes whose fonts are hard to read.
  • Don’t choose heavy themes.
  • Don’t use the theme directly on your live site without testing thoroughly.

Before purchasing the premium theme or use a free theme in Live Site, Read this article:


Responsive Themes provide better and quality readability on every screen of smartphones. Responsive themes adjust their layout or design across different sizes and devices such as desktop, iPhones, Tablets or other smartphones.

An increasing number of people are accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets, so to make sure your site is responsive. Google likes the mobile-friendly Websites, this is also a factor of Google ranking in search engines. Few WordPress Themes already come with the responsiveness layout but some of the Themes are not responsive. Their width layouts are fixed and not the mobile-friendly.

You can check – Mobile-Friendly Test here whether your Site is responsive or not.

best wordpress theme for blogging stats

2. Choose Simplicity not Bloated:

Most of the WordPress Themes have a lot of options of colors, layouts, fancy designs, animations, transitions etc. These themes look great! But always choose such a theme whose features meet your needs.

If the Theme looks amazing but it does not help you to achieve your desired goal or get more subscribers, then we can’t say its a good theme.

3. Browser Compatibility Theme:

best wordpress theme for blogging support browsers

Our visitors access the site using different browsers. Mostly People uses Mozilla Firefox, Chrome. So, your Theme should look perfect on all the browsers.

Always test your theme on different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) on a desktop as well as Mobile Phones. And if you are completely satisfied with your Theme then activate it on your Live site.

4. Choose Themes Which Supported Plugins:

best wordpress theme for blogging support plugins

Plugins are the real strength of WordPress which makes all the things possible for you. You can do anything with the WordPress Plugins without any Coding Knowledge.

It’s not possible for you to test the theme on all the WordPress Plugins. Here are the WordPress Plugins Which must have installed on your Site or Blog.
If you are not sure that your WordPress Theme supports all the popular plugins, ask the theme Developers about the same.

5. Support Multilingual:

best wordpress theme for blogging supports multilingual

It’s not important that your site visitors are English, they can be germans, Chinese, Dutch etc. So make sure that your theme supports multilingual

6. Check Reviews of the Theme:

best wordpress theme for blogging check rating and reviews

Always read the customer reviews and check ratings of the theme before buying the Theme. This is the best symbol for choosing the theme.
If you look for the free WordPress Theme in, see the rating just below the download button.

best wordpress theme for blogging check rating

After activating the Theme on Live Site, Test the following things:

  • Website Page Speed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User-friendly: Yes, Your Site should be the user-friendly meaning excellent interface. Don’t create too many Complicated designs.

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