Which is better, blogging or an app for monetizing and earning?

Which is better, blogging or an app for monetizing and earning?

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Which is better Blogging or an App? So, both are very good for monetizing and to make money online once you start receiving a lot of genuine traffic. Blogging or Creating an App is very best and Future bright.

In both cases, your ideas should be unique and get the audience interests, what the audience wants to know the answers.

In case of blogging, you need to find the low competition niche, so that your Keywords could get easy ranking in google. Don’t go for the keywords who has a high competition always starts with low competition keywords.

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There is less competition in Creating an app because it requires a high-cost. Always keep in mind while creating an app, that your app must be extraordinary and addictive enough to make the audience spend more and more time on your apps so that you’ll earn more money.

Always remember that your ideas should be unique and innovative enough to provide the solution to each and every problem of your users.

Which is better blogging or an app?

Here is a difference

On the Basis ofBloggingApp
CompetitionLot of CompetitionLow Competition
EasinessVery Easy to Start a Blogging CareerNot Easy as Blogging
CostRequires Low CostRequires High Cost

Yes! Both are good options to make money online and once you start putting efforts, you’ll definitely get an outcome.

So finally, we can conclude that both the things are good, they need time, hard work & smart work and obviously patience. But I would recommend starting blogging. It’s a very interesting thing, you can share your views with the audience. So, work on both, this will give you income according to your dedications.

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