How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress Site?

How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress Site?

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Have you recently started your blog or developed your business website based on WordPress platform? If your answer is yes, then keep your close attention on this post as I am going to share the very simple and easy step to add Google Analytics to WordPress blog/website.

Why should you Add Google Analytics?

If you do not hear about Google Analytics, then this question assisted in your mind, why should I add Google Analytics in my website? Google Analytics is an open source web analytics service which is offered by Google Inc to track the visitors of your websites. Google Analytics is launched in the month of November 2005. It is most widely used across the internet.

By using the Google Analytics you can also track the visitors to your mobile app including Android and IOS.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Step 1) Download the latest version of Google Analytics plugin from directory.

Step 2) Login in your WordPress admin panel by using the admin login credential and navigate to the dashboard => Plugins => Add New.

Step 3) Now click on the Upload plugin button and select the downloaded zip folder from your computer.

Step 4) Now click on the Install Now button.

After installation of this plugin, click on Activate option to enable the feature of this plugin.

Step 5) Now go to the Settings => FM Google Analytics.

On this page add your Google Analytics code. Your Google Analytics code will look like UA-0156987224-1 and click on the Save button.


Now you have done all steps. enjoy! I hope this will help you, If you still facing any issues to setup Google Analytics, then feel free to add your comment to comment section.

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