How to Change WordPress Theme – Guide For Beginners

How to Change WordPress Theme – Guide For Beginners

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So, Are you getting bored of your present WordPress theme and now you want to change WordPress Theme to change the appearance of your site. Changing the WordPress Theme is very easy and smooth task. But you should keep in mind few things while changing the Theme.

What happens to your current content when you change WordPress theme?

In the case of your Post or Pages: Changing the Theme will not affect your WordPress Posts or Pages. They’ll remain the same as they were.

In the case of your Plugins: Nothing something wrong will happen with your WordPress Plugins. So, don’t worry about the functionalities of the Plugins.

But there are some particular sections of themes content that would be affected by changing the theme. So always keep in mind these things:

  • Few Themes homepage. Some Themes have the special home page section, different from the other pages, so if you are using such a theme like Hestia, your custom homepage changes will disappear after changing the theme.
  • Themes-specific widgets. Some themes have so many custom widgets like the GreatMag theme. So, if you are using custom widgets of such themes, then they Will stop working when you change a theme.

Changing the theme Will affect Google Adsense?

Change WordPress Theme affect on adsense

If you place the Google adsense code to the theme editor files like header.php, then your adsense will stop working. But after changing the theme, again place the adsense code to the file of theme editor, your google adsense will again start running.

So, let’s move on Changing the WordPress Theme step by step:

  1. Click on Install your new theme
  2. Preview your new theme before activating it.

This is the basic tutorial for WordPress beginners. I hope you liked the article. Please don’t forget to share it.

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