How to install WordPress locally using Xampp?

How to install WordPress locally using Xampp?

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How to install wordpress locally using xampp?

 Do you want to create your local WordPress site on your computer using XAMPP ? In this article, we will show you how to create a local WordPress site Using XAMPP.

Having said that, let’s check out how to install WordPress locally on Windows, Mac, or Linux using XAMPP. So what are the requirements guys?

In order to create a local WordPress site, you will need to set up a web server software called Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your Local Computer. and If you dont know then let me tell you guys PHP is a programming language and MySQL is a database management software.
Both of them are required to run WordPress.
But dont worry because Xampp helps you to build your WordPress Sites Locally.

So you do not need to install mysql database server separately. For any website in PHP, Xampp is compulsory.
XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MySQL (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P).

So If Xampp is very Important part so of course first Step to visit the Xampp Site. You can see the Download Button then Click on the Download Button for your OS. If your Os is Windows download Xampp for Window and so on.

Plugins Reviews install wordpress download xampp

After downloading XAMPP, you will need to click and run the installer. XAMPP will ask you where you want to install the Xampp software. So Keep clicking on ‘Next’ to finish the setup wizard.

After finishing the wizard, check the ‘start the control panel now’ option and then click on the finish button.

This will launch the XAMPP control panel. Go ahead and click on the start button next to Apache and MySQL.

Plugins Reviews install wordpress start xampp

Now XAMPP will start Apache and MySQL. You may see a Windows Firewall notification, So click on ‘Allow Access’ button for both applications to run on your computer.

Once these both applications are started, Their names will be highlighted in Green. As you can see the below image:

Plugins Reviews install wordpress start xampp

Congratulations! 🙂 You have Successfully installed XAMPP On your System.

Yeeehh ! Now you are ready to create a local website and install WordPress using XAMPP.

Steps For Installing the WordPress on Localhost Site using Xampp:
1) First of all guys you need to download the WordPress from the WordPress official site
Click on download button. The Latest Version is 4.9.1.

2) Extract the zip file by Right click on it and you will see a WordPress folder
3) Then Copy WordPress Folder on C:/Xampp/htdocs/ While it takes a time.
4) You can rename it. e.g I have Renamed it with testing_site

Plugins Reviews install wordpress rename WordPress

5) Then go to Your Favorite browser and visit localhost/phpmyadmin/
6) You would need to click on Databases, provide a name for your new database, and then click on the create button to continue.

7) You would need to click on Databases, provide a name i.e. testing_site for your new database, and then click on the create button to continue.

Plugins Reviews install wordpress Create database

8) After Creating the database open another tab and visit localhost/testing_site/

9) WordPress Configuration Setup Page opens Select the Language from drop down and Click on Next.

Plugins Reviews install wordpress Choose language

10) A Database Connection Details Window Opens as you can see here:

Enter Database Name i.e: testing_site
UserName : root
Password : you can leave blank
Database Host : localhost
Table Prefix : wp_
Note: wp_ Puts before the table name you can also change the Prefix

11) A WordPress Welcome Screen appears as you see in the below image:

Plugins Reviews install wordpress Welcome Screen
Fill in the details here:
Site Title : My Website Testing
Username : admin
Password :
Your Email :
after filling the details click on Install WordPress Button.
Note: Don't worry guys you can also change the details later if you want. and one more thing this is a local site so I give the Password as an admin but If you are working on your live Site dont give the Password as an admin or don’t use common names or even your website
name as the username, always create a strong Password.

12)  After Clicking on WordPress Button Next Page appears Like this:

Plugins Reviews install wordpress run installation
13) Click on Run the installation. and then click on Log in

Plugins Reviews install wordpress login

14) Click on Log In

Plugins Reviews Login WordPress install wordpress

then WordPress Login Window appears : Here enter your Username and Password then it will redirect you the WordPress Dashboard Screen.

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