How To Move from Blog To

How To Move from Blog To

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Move from blog to : is very good blogging platform to start your Blogging career with. But when you realize the real power of blogging for making money from your business. Now you want to install plugins and select beautiful themes for your blog. If You are confusing between and , you should read my article on the difference between and .

There are lot of users have started their blogging as a hobby in but when their hobby becomes their passion, then they think about migration : how to move my existing blog to a self-hosted site.

In this article, We'be discussing how to move from to We will cover how to transfer all of your content to a including images,Posts, Pages etc.

Let’s start transferring your blog over to your new self-hosted site. So, To get started with the process, first of all, export your blog by following these steps.

Step 1: Exporting Data from

  • Log in to your dashboard.
  • Click on Tools >> Export.
  • Select All content.
  • Click on Download Export File.

Plugins Reviews move from blog to export data

This will download the .xml file of your blog which includes all of your pages, posts, images, videos, comments, custom fields, tags, categories and other information.

Step 2: Setting up WordPress

Now in this step, Set up a fresh WordPress installation on your Web Hosting. WordPress is very easy to install, and it only takes just a few clicks. After Installing your WordPress, now it's time to import your content into your new (self-hosted WordPress) website.

Step 3: Importing Content into (Self Hosted) Site

To import your old content from to your new site, Click on Tools >> Import option in your dashboard.

Plugins Reviews move from blog to import wordpress data

Next click on WordPress. You will be asked to install the WordPress Importer plugin.

Plugins Reviews move from blog to install wordpress importer plugin

Once you install it, just activate it and run the importer plugin. Screen appears where need to upload your XML file that you downloaded in previous step.

Plugins Reviews move from blog to import data

and one more thing, When you start importing, there is an option of assigning your old content to a current user or create a new user. There is also an option of importing your old attachments so, make sure that you check this check box to ensure that your images are imported. I hope you got it! 🙂

Step 4: Importing Blogroll Links

If you were not using this feature, you can skip this. If you had been using the Links on your blog , then you have  to follow these simple steps to export and import them.

Replace abc with your blog's subdomain. If you are using a custom domain in your blog then You can accessed your OPML file by visiting a URL, e.g;

Your OPML file will open in your browser and you need to save it to your desktop. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Link Manager plugin. This plugin hasn’t been updated in the last six years. But dont worry guys you can install it confidently at your end. After activation, You'll see a menu "Links".

Plugis Reviews move from blog to

Now Your WordPress site is capable of managing links and blogrolls so, you can safely import them in

Click on Tools >> Import and click on Blogroll to install the OPML importer.

Plugins Reviews move from blog to blogroll-importer

After installation you will be redirected to the importer. Where you need to upload the OPML file. and click on import OPML file button.

WordPress will now import your links from the OPML file After completion the importing process,  you will see the success message. 🙂

Step 5: Making your blog to private

The final step would be to set your blog to private. If you probably don’t want to redirect your old users to your new site, To solve this, make your old blog private by clicking Settings >> Reading on your dashboard. Then select “I would like my site to be private.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do with my blog?

Go to Settings >> Reading in your blog and select the option  Search Engine Visibility”. This will discourage search engines from indexing your blog.

Plugins Reviews How to move from to discourage search engine visibility

What other things should I do after migration?

After migrating, you should configure your blog, install essential Top WordPress Plugins for your site or blog.

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