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Hey Guys ! do you want to know or learn about Splendid and Versatile features of WordPress If Yes, than this Tutorial is for you ūüôā¬†¬†We’ll Go step by step starting from What is WordPress? Why WordPress and so on.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a free blogging platform or you can say that its an Open Source platform in which you can create attractive and eye catching websites, Blogs, Themes, Plugins and many more. In a Technical Language, WordPress is the most Popular , open source Content Management System written in PHP Language. There are more than 70 million websites have created on WordPress. One of the most popular website https://techcrunch.com/ , https://www.sonymusic.com/ are created on WordPress.

Why WordPress ?

For Non-technical Person :
Do you have any coding or technical skills? No.. and you want to create your own blog or a website! If Yes! So don’t worry guys!
This Tutorial is for you. Because in WordPress you can create responsive, attractive, versatile Blogs or Websites using WordPress Interactive features and the Interface is very simple to use.

For Technical Persons:

For Technical :
Guys If you have technical skills in PHP and wants to develop yourself into programming than WordPress is for you! You can Create Plugins, Themes, Blogs, Websites and so on in very attractive way on wordpress.

How to Download The WordPress ?

Downloading the WordPress is very simple task Nothing to worry.. You just open the WordPress Official site https://www.wordpress.org and click on Download button.
or You can directly open the link https://wordpress.org/download/ and you can download the latest version of WordPress 4.9.1.

Click here to download the WordPress :

How to Install WordPress on Local host Using Xampp ?

Click here to see the full explanation of installing the WordPress on Localhost using Xampp

How to install WordPress on Local Host Using Wamp ?

Click here to see the full explanation of Installing the WordPress On Localhost using Wamp

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