WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com – Which is better for me?

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com – Which is better for me?

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WordPress.org and WordPress.com are the two entirely different platforms or organization. Infact, I was also confused about them.
Both are WordPress platforms one is wordpress.org, the other is wordpress.com, but what is the difference between the two.

Almost every beginner in WordPress Platform gets confused about the wordpress.org vs wordpress.com.

Many questions may come to his mind like:-

  • Is there any difference between these two?
  • Which one is preferable?
  • What are the pros and cons of each of them? Etc.

So in this post, l”ll try to clear the differences between worpress.org and wordpress.com.Lets first take some common questions regarding the two terms and then refer to the chart of differences given at the end for quick revision.

Many questions that might come to your mind include:-

Who hosts your Website?

  • When you work with wordpress.org, you have to host your own website. In wordpress.org you”ll find free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server.
    On the other hand, wordpress.com makes you free from the headache of hosting. In other words, wordpress.com hosts for you free of cost. Means you don’t have to pay for hosting or to download any software or manage a web server.

Which one should you prefer?

  • This depends entirely on your interests and intentions. If you don’t wanna pay for hosting or don’t wanna manage your own web server, then you should go for wordpress.com as it’s free and easy to set up. Also, you have many options to customize your site.
    But if you want people to take you seriously, then you must choose wordpress.org rather than wordpress.com as wordpress.com is good for only those blogs that won’t be used more than 2 months. When blogging is your passion and you want to make it a big hit, then you should definitely go with wordpress.org.

Are there any demerits of wordpress.com?

  •  As we all know, that every coin has 2 sides, similar is the case with wordpress.com. though it is free to use, but it is not free of cons. Few of its cons include:-
    – your domain will by default, include “wordpress.com”
    – you can’t upload any custom themes, plugins.
    – you can’t modify the PHP code behind your site.
    Though they offer several premium upgrades which may cost you around $99/year and include:-
     domain name registration if you don’t want wordpress.com in your domain name.
     the ability to upload videos.
     to their premium themes.

What should you choose – WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

  •  It depends on your perspective. If you want to do it long term and earn money from it, you must go for wordpress.org.
    But if you are having no intentions to blog more than a few months, then choose wordpress.com.

Which one is better for business?

  • For business, one should obviously choose wordpress.org as clients must get the professional image of you or your organization.
    But if you are blogging as a hobby without any intentions to earn money, then wordpress.com might be enough.


Basis of DifferenceWordPress.comWordPress.org
WEB HOSTERWordPress.com takes care of all the hosting for you.With WordPress.org, you host your own blog or website.
COST INVOLVEDUsing wordpress.com doesn’t cost you anything. WordPress.com does everything for you. You don’t have to download software or manage the web server.You will have to pay for hosting your own site. You will have to download WordPress software and install it on your own web server.
SCOPEPerfect for those who don’t have any intentions to blog more than few months.This is for those who want to go a long way into this field and are ambitious about blogging.
PURPOSEFor those who are engaged in blogging as a hobby and nothing else, wordpress.com is best.WordPress.org is for those who are serious about blogging and want to make it a famous one.
PREFERABILITY FOR BUSINESSNot preferred.Surely preferred for business as it gives a professional image.


Hope that l have succeeded in making the difference clear to you guys. If this post helped you in a real sense, then please let me know through your comments. You can also comment regarding any doubts.

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